All of my earrings are handmade with love and care. Because they are handmade, there is a possibility for minor imperfections. I will not send out items that have flaws that are too large or obvious. 


All earrings are made of acrylic. While acrylic is mostly waterproof, make sure to dry them off asap. Specifically, water will create bubbles in the mirrored acrylic earrings. Acrylic will snap if it is put under too much strain! Handle all earrings with care to ensure they do not break :)

If your earrings break or have any issues because of something I did wrong, please reach out for a refund or replacement by emailing me at sydraek@sydneyscrybbles.com. 


Most of my earrings are made to order. 

While I can guarantee that orders will be shipped within 5-7 days after placed, I work very hard to ship them out as quickly as I get the orders and may be able to send them even sooner.