Lady Godiva

Sydney Scrybbles

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Based on the image of Lady Godiva.


Brief History Lesson:

Lady Godiva is known for riding the streets of Coventry on a horse while naked! Lady Godiva (aka Godgifu) was an 11th century noblewoman married to Leofric, Earl of Mercia and Lord of Coventry. Leofric imposed a huge tax on the citizens of Coventry and told Godiva that if she road the streets nude, he would lower them. Rude! Being the feminist she was, Godiva did just that. According to the myth, she ordered the citizens to stay in. But some idiot peeping Tom came out to see the attraction. He was struck blind the instant he passed the threshold of his house. 
While this story of Lady Godiva may be considered a myth, she was a real person. She was supposedly a very generous noblewoman who donated to the church and people of Coventry often. 


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